Red Cat Recording Co.

"Others do it, but no one does it like us!"

Full Service Recording and Production Facility

 Red Cat Recording Company prides itself with ownership of some of the finest recording gear ever made. From our boutique pre amps and microphones, and our digital conversion to our acoustic treatments, Red Cat is built for incredible, hi-definition sound.

No listener will ever hear what preamp you used. But we will. We will know if it was a junk one for sure.
— unknown

 To most, pre amps and microphones are not a big deal. But boy, they are to us. To us, they are the heart and soul of our operation. Its a huge part of what sets us apart from your average home studio set up. It all starts with our Console. The Red Cat Console is revolutionary, custom built by hand, by our owner and engineer Luke Wallace. You'll find no faders here. Instead, you will find a console purpose built for sonic accuracy, texture, and incredible clarity. Gone are the days of the huge, 64 channel consoles with only one type of preamp available. The new music industry no longer requires such opulence and wasted space. Instead, we opted for a slim, sleek console, containing a beautiful selection of world class pre amplifiers. This gives us a variety of sonic textures and sounds, to fit any instrument, voice, sound or production. After all, they say variety is the spice of life, and we believe them. 

The Red Cat Console, built by Luke Wallace

The Red Cat Console, built by Luke Wallace

 The Red Cat Console is: Two (2) Avalon 737s, Six (6) API 512, Two (2) Neve 511s, Two (2) Shadow Hills Industries MONO GAMAs, Two (2) Joe Meek PRE Q 500, and two (2) Lindell Audio 6X500s, all going through Universal Audio's Apollo 16 Digital Converter. The Monitors are Yamaha HS8s with sub-woofer.

 Red Cat Recording also boasts a variety of fine microphones. The short list is:

(1) Neumann U87, (2) AKG C414s, (6) Shure SM57s (3) Sennheiser MD421s, (1) Shure KSM32 (1) Shure 58

 These, along with various Small and Diaphragm Condensers and a few Ribbon mics, lets us really mix and match the perfect mic and preamp combination to your sound source.

 We use the latest versions of Cubase DAW Software, with a great selection of virtual instruments, (Halion, Alicia's Keys, Toontracks EZ Drummer) as well as a huge selection of Waves and Universal Audio plugins.

Additionally, we have a beautiful house PDP Maple Select drum Kit, Zildjian Custom A cymbals, a variety of snare drums for any style of music,  upright bass, and a selection of guitars and percussion instruments for your use, always free of charge.